"Our Brand should represent who we are and that we want to have fun!"

It all started a few years ago. We have been friends for some years and always went snowboarding together and were looking for a name for our snowboard crew. After a crazy night we were stuck with the name "Titticombolea", but still nobody knows where it actually came from. From the very beginning we were thinking about designing and making our own clothes as we had so many ideas what we wanted to do. So we produced a first line of hoodies and shirts just for us and our friends. There has been such a great response so we decided to make our dream come true and founded „Titticombolea Clothing“ in 2012.

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we only create the goods that represent our lifestyle and which we enjoy wearing every day! Snowboarding is the main influence for our products, but we also get inspired by other board sports, music, travelling, art, beer and liquor. We love what we are doing and try to share this feeling with everyone. Titticombolea is a big family and everyone is welcome, as long as you have fun with what you are doing! 


Everyone of us has been snowboarding for many years. The original Titticombolea snowboard crew is still active and we are busy shooting new movies together with our teamriders. Furthermore everyone is currently working or has worked in the snowboard industry for many years. When it's summer we are all out there skateboarding and surfing. We couldn't imagine a life without any kind of board underneath our feet.


Our Brand should represent who we are and that we want to have fun. We love our products and do nothing we aren't 100% sure of. This is our spirit!