Welcome to the Butt Hunters

The butt hunters is a non profit organization that tries to stop snowboarders and skiers from dropping their cigaret butts on the slopes. 
Environment protection is not just annoying. It can be fun, too.

The main goal is to introduce young people to this heavy topic and educate them without being educative!

It is about reminding the people of the problem.





Every shredder who smokes at the mountains may ask himself the question:
 "What should I do with the butt now? Should I drop it or where can I put it?" 
And in the end it ends up in the snow.

As we all smoke, we know the problem ourselves.

What many people don't know is, that one single cigarette butt can pollute up to 40 liters of ground water and needs about 15 years until it is completely decayed. Thousands of cigarette butts lie under the lifts every year. You can do the math yourselves.
Looking at those facts it is not surprising that the Alps look worse every year.
Nobody really cares about them!

This is the reason we founded "The Butt Hunters".

"The Butt Hunters" is a ski- and snowboard crew who takes care about this issue.
It all started as a work for Tamara Haake's bachelor degree in the course Graphic Design and was brought to life by Titticombolea Clothing in 2014.

We don't want to stop you from smoking, but help the environment with little steps and therefore safe the foundation of our sports.
Instead of carelessly throwing the butt on the slopes, you can put it away and then dispose them at the parking lot.
As nobody wants cigarette butts in their jackets and pants, we have small pocket ashtrays, which solve the problem easily.

We also think that most resorts don't see or deal with this problem. Only a few snow parks put up ashtrays in the chillout areas or at the lift station.
We hope that we can change that in the future with your help!
Everyone can be a Butt Hunter and spread this massage!
In our shop you can purchase Butt Hunters hoodies and t-shirts. From each sold Butt Hunters product, 10% of the profit will be donated!
The donation will go straight to the "AGUSSO" working group from the "deutscher Alpenverein e.V."
This group takes care about the conservation of the nature and garbage disposal in the German Alps.

A big supporter on our mission is the e-cigarette manufacturer Fairsmoke.
There are no butts when using an e-cigarette, so you don't have to deal with the disposal either.
For more information visit www.fairsmoke.net or like them on Facebook.

We hope that in the future more people think about what they do with their butts and help us with our intention!

Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/butthunters

Butt Hunters - Raglan   39,95 €

Butt Hunters - Raglan  
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Butt Hunters - Logo Hoodie 69,95 €

Butt Hunters - Logo Hoodie
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Butt Hunters - Logo Shirt   24,95 €

Butt Hunters - Logo Shirt  
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Butt Hunters - Ashtray 4,95 €  (currently sold out)

Butt Hunters - Ashtray
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Don't forget: you help the mountains!

10% of the profit will be donated!